Viewing the 2020 Presidential Race Through a Competitive

Viewing the 2020 Presidential Race Through a Competitive

In the 1980s, I was an IBM Competitive Analyst and it was one of the most interesting things I did. Most of the practice is dead. But at the time, we were like the corporate version of the CIA, because I was also an internal auditor, like the corporate version of the FBI - I was rare. Only a handful of people served in both divisions.

The downside of the job is that both roles are assigned to assess, which usually frustrates authority. In the review, I showed red flags to the Division President for violent security policy violations, which are not my favorites, and in competitive analysis, I found the SVP of Sales Sharing, one of the most confidential reports. With its competitors. There were two people looking for a new life for me at different times.

They are an exciting time

I think it would be interesting to take a look at the pitch of the Democrats' president and dedicate this column to what we have done to the contestants, and I realize that this will be without a doubt for those investing in Democrats , Which participants.

Participated in this exercise. Forgive me if you are one of them. But in the meantime, I would like to point out that officers often fail to follow the analyst's advice and usually end up badly. I hope that is the reason for most of this career decline.

After all, when we get it wrong, it is angry. But it is ironic when they don't get us right because it makes management look like an idiot.

The choice of this subject may sound as if I wished to die. But I will continue to dive into it, because the main goal of Democrats in all these main processes is to do me wrong.

I'll end with my weekly product: a new list of chillipads that can help you take a nap during winter or summer, or improve your sleep.

Process of analysis

This will be a brief effort - as is usually an executive summary of official reports prepared by competition analysts. This is mostly because I am writing this on a plane. But also because I doubt you guys want to read the detailed report. (Don't mind - I doubt many of my former officials have read the detailed report)

Typically, the process takes into account the environment, including customer needs, the company's strengths and weaknesses, and then compares it to the products we provide or those that are available and those that provide competitors.

Although I am a moderate Republican. But I am going to replace Trump with rivals and Democratic candidates who I think will be the top three in our product space. It's been decades since I've been doing this, so forgive me a little bit.

Our contestant: President Trump

Strengths: The president is in office, and this gives him more money, a clear message about elections and the advantages of being a known agency. These three things are the reasons that usually prevail.

The challenger is often in races who are injured in the primary process. The incumbent has the advantage of an overall productive competitive position created in the main stage, other things being the same, this leads to the general incumbent - who maintains the team that chooses him - one section has immense advantage (that More later)

The president is incredibly strong and lucky. My old friend should roll his eyes now. But I believe that fate should be considered when people consider it. He knows to use social media and has one of the most powerful TV networks as part of a powerful campaign. (I wonder if some people are not flagging it due to a violation of campaign funding potentially promoted by Fox News and the White House.)

He knows how to catch the news cycle, not just the hour or day. But it seems over the years I have never seen Steve Jobs do this effectively. However it was clear that he was reducing his net worth.

But he should have more access to personal capital than most claimants. He is highly motivated because Kama is protecting him from many unwanted lawsuits, and he is using all resources to win.

Finally, he feels that there is a rare combination of sympathy and charisma. He is not concerned about collateral damage. If pushed, he may be willing to do what it takes to ensure that both sides are victorious and the Congress continues to prove ineffective in checks and balances.

Weaknesses: Many of the team members who took her were dropped out of her class, with obvious exceptions, so she appears to be a new core team with whom she will go through the election process. Those who tried to save him from him were forced to leave.

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